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Bank and Building Society Accounts

There are a variety of savings accounts available from Banks and Building Societies. The different features of the accounts make them suitable for different people. The main types are:


A deposit account usually pays higher interest than a regular current account, and gives instant or easy access.

Cash ISA

Cash ISAs have restrictions on the amounts that you can pay in, but offer tax benefits. They usually pay a higher rate of interest than normal deposit accounts.

Fixed Notice

Fixed notice accounts specify a notice period, for example 60 or 90 days. To withdraw money from the account you have to give the specified amount of notice, or you could face penalties.

Fixed Rate Bond

Also called Term Accounts, Fixed Rate Bonds often have a minimum deposit, and usually will not allow withdrawals during the term.

High Interest Regular Savings

Often with the same provider as your current account, these allow you to regularly transfer a fixed amount each month. Interest is usually paid annually.


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