The Biggest and Most Important Financial Decisions You Make.

Posted on: August 17th, 2017
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How do you view your pension?  Would you say it is probably one of the most valuable things you own in life,  understanding that it’s a facilitator that allows you to live your life to its fullest potential in retirement at your given “selected retirement age”?

Interestingly, a significant proportion of individuals do not do much to consider reviewing, maintaining or looking after their retirement pot. Surprised…

Put in another way: if you bought a brand new car today and parked it on your drive, did nothing with it for the next forty odd years.  Forty odd years on then, would you expect it to start up and run like the new car it was and expect it to have an increase in value?

Surely not, most likely it will have rusted away along with the engine, it obviously won’t start, and it would be worth, probably, nothing.  However, what if you had, cherished it, regularly serviced it, maintained and changed parts along the way.  Today, it could be categorised as a classic car and could be worth thousands of pounds.

Your pension is the same, if you don’t regularly review your investments and the income you would like them to provide, then you may find at your “selected retirement age” that you don’t have enough money to do the things you want.  At worst, not having enough money to sustain the quality of life you have come to expect.

Getting professional pensions assistance from a Lifestyle Financial Planner and understanding your retirement stratagem can ensure that you can tentatively achieve those retirement goals that you have planned to reach.

How can a Lifestyle Financial Planner assist you with your pension planning:

Understanding you

A Lifestyle Financial Planner can’t provide sufficient retirement strategies until they know your whole financial goings-on.  Understanding your financial goals, your hopes and dreams, to thoughts such as, how much do you want to spend on that luxury cruise or could you retire today allowing you to devote more time for your family.  Lastly, to understand the things you value most in your life?

Understanding what you have

Your Lifestyle Financial Planner will help you to understand what savings you have now and what this means for your retirement.  They will cut through the jargon so that you know what decisions you are making with your money.  Providing support with every step of the way, you will have a friendly face to ask as many questions as you need and receive expert answers in return.

Calculating what you need

What do you need from your life in retirement?  It’s not just about the income your pension pot can provide; it’s also about what you as a person need and how your financial decisions can support that.  A Lifestyle Financial Planner will help you devise a plan that is as unique as you are.  Working with you to make sure that everything you will need later in life can be discussed and budgeted for.

Bringing it all together

Lifestyle Financial Planners:

  1. Help people focus on the correct values and motivations in their lives;
  2. Determine their goals and objectives as they see their lives develop; and
  3. Using these values, motivations, goals and targets to guide the planning process and provide a framework for making choices and decisions in life that have financial and non-financial implications or consequences.

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