Trepidation and fear of driving unassisted

Posted on: August 30th, 2017
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63% of the world’s population are vehicle drivers, the majority being 17-year-olds, aiming to kick off their first bid, for self-reliance.

However, in recent months, these statistics have reduced due to the expensive outlay.  The reason for this, overpriced car insurance, road tax, servicing and running expenses.  These expenditures are set to intensify, exponentially, year on year.  Worst of all, these increasing costs do not include the purchasing of the car or the costs of taking driving lessons.

The average cost for driving tuition these days is £24 per hour and the recommended number of hours under instruction to obtain your driver’s licence is 47, providing you pass on the first occasion.  Meaning the budget, you are going to save for will set you back at least £1,200.  This does not include booking your theory or practical test; this will add a further £85.

I remember my first apprehensive driving lesson, cautiously driving around Etchingham train station car park, learning about the dreaded clutch control and braking.   Passing my theory test felt like I had mastered the initial run on a high ladder.  My practical test, I remember the moment well, agitatedly sitting there waiting for my examiner to say if had passed or not.  Yippee, I couldn’t believe it, I had passed, first time!

By the weekend I had bought my first vehicle, it was a little yellow, Fiat, Seicento I fell in love with it!   I confirmed my car insurance and was now ready to go solo.  Where did I drive to, work of course? My parents were worried sick; their faces said it all.  I shut the front door enthusiastically, raring to enter my own personal space, but this time, companionless.

I arrived at work, checked my phone and found I had twenty missed phone calls when I checked the messages all said “are you there yet?”  bless em.

My trepidation of driving unassisted petrified me at first, however, now five years on all the anxieties and qualms of driving alone were worthwhile.  Self-reliance is a beautiful thing!

My confidence and independence has grown exceptionally, and this has established me as a competent driver.  However, I’m still cared for by Mum and Dad as I still receive at least a dozen calls every time I leave the house, they always say “are you there yet?” Nothing changes!  Most importantly I have now become the taxi driver for my own parents; I don’t have to depend on them or public transport any longer, I’m Free!

One thing I have learnt, owning a vehicle in this day and age is expensive.   However, If you’re reading this and feel you want to assist, your children or grandchildren in the future to obtain their own financial independence,  or you may want to explore these costs yourself enabling you to afford an independent lifestyle, why not visit a Lifestyle Financial Planner.  Have a financial MOT with us to understand what you could achieve with an assisted budget.

A Lifestyle Financial Planner will:

  1. Help people focus on actual values and motivations in their lives;
  2. Determine their goals and objectives as they see their lives develop; and
  3. Using these values, motivations, goals and objectives to guide the planning process and provide a framework for making choices and decisions in life that have financial and non-financial implications or consequences.

Financial planning services come in different forms depending on how much help you need.  For some people, a one-off meeting will be enough, but others might opt for an ongoing service where the plan is reviewed over time to make sure it stays appropriate to their needs.

You’ll find our Lifestyle Financial Planners, experienced and highly qualified but at the same time approachable, easy to talk to and expert at helping you make the most of your money.  And, as you’d expect, our Lifestyle Financial Planning service is exceptional value too.


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