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Client Objectives and Goals

Its a fact that the majority of people have no direction financially - did you know, for example, that the second least frequently performed financial task by consumers is not having a written financial goal plan?*

Most people dont plan to fail, they just fail to plan!

One of your primary goals should be to have a comfortable retirement. Yet only 1% of us reach this goal. Maybe you are saving something for a pension, but dont know how much you will need or whether you are saving enough each month. Thats like playing rugby with no goalposts; playing a game you can never win!

Why do I need to set financial objectives?

We need to have something to aim for, otherwise we drift along and leave our future to chance. We need to have something to measure our performance against. Set goals, and give your life financial direction, purpose and vision.

The fact that we are living longer and will need more money than ever before in retirement, is reason enough to seriously consider goal planning.

How can Mike Robertson Associates help?

Mike Robertson Associates will focus on your goals and your aspirations. We will use a process called The Truth About Money - Life Planning, which will help you identify whats important to you, the things you want to achieve in your lifetime.

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