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Divorce, Child Care and Education

Child maintenance is regular financial support that helps to meet your child's day-to-day living costs. It is usually paid until a child turns 16, or stops full-time school or university education, whichever finishes later.

In most cases, working with a Resolution adviser can help you to come to a mutually benficial agreement. If you cannot agree, either you or your partner can apply to the Child Support Agency (CSA), a government agency, to set up an arrangement for you. If a private agreement you have previously agreed is not working, or payments are not being made, you can apply to the CSA to make an arrangement for you.

If your relationship involves children, then school fees planning can be an important part of your future expenditure that can often be overlooked. Whether it is paid schooling, or saving for University fees, it is important to keep the childs best interest at the centre of the agreement.

Mike Robertson Associates advisers are able to calculate the future cost of your childrens education, and ensure that this is spread between the parents appropriately. This could be achieved by splitting the fees, or by offsetting them against other maintenance payments etc.