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Pensions and Divorce

Dividing up Pension entitlements during divorce is an exceptionally complex process and one which Mike Robertson Associates aim to make as simple as possible for our clients.

The three main options for dividing a pension at retirement are:

  • Pension Sharing
  • Pension Offsetting
  • Pension Attachment (Earmarking)

Mike Robertson Associates will gather all the relevant information to be able to conduct a thorough review of your pensions. We can then build up an accurate picture of your pension situation, which will allow us to create a report of the options available to you, and which options offer the most suitable outcome.

We will then offer the options to you, and explain these in simple terms that you can understand. The three basic options are:

Pension Sharing

This involves splitting up your pension fund, so that each partner has a pension entitlement personal to them.

Pension Offsetting

This is where the value of the pension fund is offset against the value of other matrimonial assets, e.g the marital home.

Pension Attachment / Pension Earmarking

This gives one party a claim on the others pension payout on retirement.

Mike Robertson Associates can then help you implement the pension sharing or attachment order that you may receive from the court. We can act as the link between you, your solicitor and the pension company or trustees - giving you one less thing to worry about at what is normally a very stressful time.

Mike Robertson Associates will also then provide you with an action plan on how to get your retirement plans back on track. Couple this with ongoing annual reviews, and you can be sure that Mike Robertson Associates are able to offer you the support and guidance you need to make sure that your retirement goals are affected as little as possible by your divorce.

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