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Mike Robertson Associates, Financial Planning Battle Investments SavingsSavings and investments are more complex than simply putting your money into a plan and seeing what happens. It is important to consider what you want to achieve. Are you investing for income or growth? Are you investing on a regular basis or as a one off lump sum? How long do you want to invest for? How much risk are you prepared to accept?

Taking your personal financial objectives into account - what you want to achieve, access to your savings, how long you want your investment to run, and so on - we can help you to tailor a savings portfolio that maximises your returns and meets your requirements precisely.


It is not necessary to have a lump sum to start a Savings Plan. Most people save by putting aside a regular sum from their disposable income. The way in which this money needs to be invested will vary from person to person, according to their circumstances, likely future needs and their attitude to risk. What is important to remember, though, is that investing in a well balanced, tax- efficient portfolio is more advantageous than placing money in just one type of investment.


If you have received a legacy, or have an endowment that has matured, a work-related bonus, or a retirement or redundancy package, investing in a well-balanced, tax-efficient portfolio can be a far better solution than putting the whole amount into one type of investment.

We can help you to design a portfolio which meets your individual or joint, short and long term needs.  This will then reflect your own financial objectives and your requirements for access.

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