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Mrs L, Robertsbridge

has been a client since the beginning of 2014 and comments:

Dear Mike,

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for seeing me regarding my pension problem. I've taken 2 copies of all the paperwork & shall send them off, as you advised me to, by 'signed for' delivery.

Again, Thank you for your excellent advice & kindness.

Mr L, East Sussex

has been a client of MRA for 3 years and comments:

We have a greater peace of mind knowing that we are keeping within our means with your guidance.

They like best about our service:

The friendliness of the people who work within the company; The information that is given in a way that is clear and understandable.

Mrs H, East Sussex

has been a client of MRA for 6 years and comments:

I feel more confident about our financial future and we don't have to worry about it.

They like best about our service:

Friendliness - you (MRA) feel like part of our family

Mrs B, Kent

has been a client of MRA for 5 years and comments:

I feel more secure financially, knowing that our money is being looked after.

They like best about our service:

I like being able to send an email to Phil if there is a problem or a query and getting an instant (reassuring) answer.

Mrs G, East Sussex

has been a client of MRA for 3 years and comments:

If it wasn't for MRA I would have probably brought a property and have nothing to live on as still out of work.

They like best about our service:

Friendly Staff always on hand to help out when necessary, try to track all of your investments correctly.

Mr C, Kent

has been a client of MRA for 2 years and comments:

By and large I get a reasonably prompt reply which I appreciate!

Mr & Mrs H, Kent

have been a client of MRA for 6 years and comment:

There is no more you could do for us, we are very happy with your service

They like best about our service:

Your personal service.

Mr & Mrs O, Sussex

have been a client of MRA for 4 years and comment:

Knowing that we will be comfortable in our old age...We are more than happy with all staff at MRA

They like best about our service:

Investing our money wisely.


Miss T, East Sussex

MRA took me on a journey to learn the Truth about my money and held my hand every step of the way so I was able to make life changing decisions with confidence. I have now been able to strike a work-life balance I never imagined possible, which gives me more time to be a mum.

Mr G, East Sussex

My wife and I have known Mike Robertson for about 3 years now . Recently we had some concerns over our finances and decided that there was no better person to turn to for friendly advice than Mike. Since that day things are a lot clearer and we both feel so much happier about our finances. Quite simply there is no better person to talk to about money than Mike.

Mr & Mrs P, Sevenoaks

Being uncertain of what route to take with our assets we approached MRA in early 2011. We were made to feel very welcome and had various meetings with both Mike and Phil to establish our best options for the future (a kind of life laundry). We have now started the process of safeguarding our future and our childrens future. Taking measures against IHT and CGT whilst securing a regular income for ourselves. This has been a difficult task at times but Mike and Phil have always been on the end of a phone or email and have given us advice and help, often with an encouraging story attached.

We would highly recommend MRA and their team.

Mrs W, Hassocks

When I first came into contact with Mike Robertson Associates, many years ago now, it was purely to sort out my company pension. From those small beginnings Mike and his team have endlessly supported me, helping me to see and understand the bigger financial picture. Mike especially goes out of his way to explain things that can be easily understood by a non-financially minded person such as myself

It is not only pensions and financial matters that Mike and his team give such sound and effective advice but when I wanted to develop and build my soup business, they were there giving me the most extraordinary support - from finding a suitable name for the business, establishing a team of web designers, sourcing an artist to design the containers, the list is endless for what they managed to achieve for me. Their expertise is in so many different areas and I cannot begin to say how invaluable their services have been to me especially in the last two years.

It is always a pleasure spending time with Mike and his team and I am very grateful for all that is and continues to be done on my behalf.

Dr A, Lecturer of English at Brunel University

I would encourage all teachers to take advantage of the helpful, impartial and supportive financial advice offered by MRA. I have no ability to see the long-term picture for my finances and MRA have helped me put things into perspective, suggested the best way of saving and managing my money and helped me to understand my pension provision.

Above all, they have relieved my anxiety about the future and reassured me that I can manage effectively on what I have. This is what I have found most valuable, one does not have to have a 'portfolio' or hundreds of thousands in the bank, MRA help the individual with what they have and help each person to make the most of what they have got, explaining patiently and carefully. Their approach is realistic and practical and whatever apparently silly enquiries I have made, I have always been treated with the utmost courtesy and understanding.

Mr N, Longfield

Just a few lines to thank both Phil and yourself for the support you have shown me in guiding my finances in the right direction.

After being introduced to Mike Robertson Associates by a mutual friend I was happy to listen and take the advice given. I will be in the future transferring my tax account to your next time an assessment is issued.

Once again many thanks for you help look forward to seeing you in the future.

Dr A, Middlesex

I have received excellent service from Mike Robertson associates - most constructive and clear advice, tailored to my particular needs and changing circumstances. I was completely muddled about my finances and the possibility of retiring early and MRA gave me a clear breakdown of my situation and gave best advice as to how to maximise my earnings, mortgage and pension needs. I particularly value the on-going attention paid to my particular circumstances, regular up-dates and friendly, supportive communication.

I would recommend MRA to anyone, 'small' individual or 'large' corporation, for a thorough overview of possibilities and potential without worry or uncertainty. My monthly fee has certainly been 'returned with interest'.

Mrs & Mrs W, Uckfield

We first consulted Mike Robertson when we were at a difficult crossroads in both our personal and financial lives. I had to give up work due to ill health 5 years in advance of the state retirement age. This left us asset rich and cash poor.

Mike investigated all our assets and made recommendations to ensure that our money was working for us in the best way, taking into account our changed circumstances. This has resulted in us having a regular income which goes a long way toward compensating for the lost salary. Also the investments we have are now giving a very good tax free return in the current market.

Mike is a very pleasant, efficient, professional person to deal with and this is reflected in the team at MRA.

Mr & Mrs J, Kent

Just a few lines to put on record how impressed we have been with the service from MRA Ltd.

We had a very crude Personal Financial and Pension set up which has now been completely restructured to maximize on the long term benefits.

They have also dealt with Inheritance Tax linking all aspects together with both personal and company financial aspects.

They offer a wide range of expertise both in-house and outside sourced readily to hand and can offer prompt and positive guidance at all times.

My dealings with both Mike and Phil have been professional but comfortable and possible complex structuring made simple and easy to understand.

It gives me pleasure to have the opportunity of recommending their services, for however small or large, to offer professional advice.

Mr D, Cross In Hand, East Sussex

Thank you for the help you have given me in releasing my pension and the investments you have helped me with.

This sum of money will help me change my life for the better and will help me to have financial security for the future.

What has impressed me is the continuous help I have had at each stage and the well balanced advice given to me, pointing out all options, and enabling me to make the right decisions for me.

I will recommend you to all my close friends, I hope and wish you all well for the future.

Mr & Mrs W, Keston, Kent

I would like to make a record of the excellent service and support I have had from MRA Ltd.

I first met Mike when he was handling various aspects of my company's pension and life assurance schemes, during which time he became well respected by many of the employees and company departments. Without hesitation I would recommend him to my various colleagues.

Subsequently I was faced with an early retirement situation myself, during time which I needed a lot of financial advice and support, which was readily forthcoming. As a result of which, various investment and pension arrangements were put in place which have all proved to be sound advice.

Since retiring, and now running my own consultancy business, I have continued to use MRA to advise on my investment and pension arrangements on an ongoing basis, and will continue to do so.

They offer very professional advice which is explained in a very down to earth manner, but with a considerate and human touch. I have also been very impressed by how up to date and "on the ball" they are with respect to all the new legislation and changes there are in the pension and investment world these days.

I find both Mike Robertson and Phil Hassell a pleasure to deal with and I can unreservedly recommend them and their organization to advise and support both your company and personal financial matters and arrangements.

Mr & Mrs W, Coxheath

I enclose details of the compensation that Canada Life have offered on my underperforming endowment policy. You can see in the details how they have arrived at their valuation.

I would like to thank you both for your advice and assistance in claiming compensation on my endowment policy. I did not know that there was a claims procedure and in the end it turned out to be quite painless. I suppose I hoped for a couple of thousand, but in reality never dreamed they would offer anything.

To then receive a letter from Canada Life offering £14386.30 was beyond my wildest dreams. Fortunately I was sitting down when I read the letter and then had to read it twice as I thought they were only offering me £14386.30 for the policy. When I took it in that this was the compensation amount, I let Margaret read the letter. To say we had a big smile on our faces that evening is an understatement.

Once again many thanks for your advice and support.

Mr L, Westfield, East Sussex

Acorn SIP is a high quality company supplying cut Structural Insulating Panels to architectural drawings for all types of buildings throughout the southeast and the EU. Our clientele demand a high level of service. We are able to deliver this because of the high quality of suppliers Acorn SIP chooses for its own operations.

As such I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the way MRA handles our financial requirements. Never before have I felt comfortable and confident that we have chosen the way best financially to look after our needs.

I hope our relationship continues for the foreseeable future and I have no hesitation to recommend MRA at every opportunity as you can definitely help any business regardless of activity or size.

Mr & Mrs G, Cyprus

The above financial adviser and his associates currently arranging my personal affairs in relation to all fiscal issues are providing a first rate service, whilst avoiding the jargon and officiousness often found in their industry. As a result I am able to follow and understand all advice given thus can make informed decisions, which is undoubtedly beneficial to my interests.

Mr & Mrs C, East Sussex

We had been clients of Mike Robertson prior to the start of MRA and because we had always been pleased with his advice and pleasant and friendly manner had no hesitation to continue with him under MRA.

Both Mike and Phil have been able to give us good sound advice on all our financial matters and this enabled my husband to retire at 48 yrs. We were in a position of having to pay Capital Gains Tax at 40% and Phil spent a lot of time and effort with us explaining it all to us, in doing so we were able to save thousands of pounds.

All of the staff at MRA have a friendly and easy going persona and are always efficient in helping with whatever the problem.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their help over the years, long may it continue and we look forward to our continued association and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Mr A, East Sussex

I would like to thank Mike Robertson and his staff for the support and personal financial advice I have received during the last 18 months.

My personal circumstances changed considerably when my wife died and I decided to retire. Mike gave me sound professional financial advice in a considerate way, always examining and discussing a variety of options.

It was possible for me to set up a trust for myself and my children which gave me an immediate reduction of my estate and eliminated the IHS liability.

I received advice regarding a number of small Company Pensions and how to consolidate other pensions and an FSAVC into a Phased Retirement Plan.

I was also given advice regarding other investments including Bonds, ISA's and OEIC which were tax efficient and in line with my risk profile.

My experience is that Mike, Phil and their staff have always been professional and helpful giving me sound advice, so I am pleased to recommend MRA to future clients.

Mrs H, St Leonards

Over the past few years I have found the help and advice given to me by Mike Robertson to be invaluable.

He gave me much needed advice on my pensions and investments and, I am happy to say, I feel confident that I will have no financial worries in the future. I have complete trust that he will continue to monitor my investments with my best interests in mind.

He is extremely caring of his clients, not only of their financial needs but of their life in general. I like his holistic approach.

He is the best IFA I have ever known and I'm pleased to be one of his clients.

Mr & Mrs K-D, Newport

I would like to thank you for all your help and advice you have given my husband and myself with our financial affairs over the last ten years.

Even though we are I suspect one of your small clients we have recieved nothing but kindness and efficiency from any member of staff that has dealt with us and the professionalism with which the staff has carried out various tasks on our behalf are second to none.

We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs any form of financial advice. We look forward to many more years of association with you.

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