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Parenting After Parting

Parenting After Parting

When splitting with your partner one of your most significant worries is likely to be the welfare of your children. You may be concerned about living arrangements and maintaining a relationship with them. You may even be in a situation where parenting co-operatively with your partner is not possible.

Separation can be an emotional time for all involved and getting the right support is crucial to helping you deal with the challenges you are facing.

Resolution has lots of information on ways to deal with any difficulties that arise, and where you can access professional support that is relevant to your circumstances.

The financial impact – how we can help

If you are concerned about your finances and how they may impact your children, then Mike Robertson Associates Limited can help. We provide specialist support to make the most of your financial resources and create the best life you can for your family.

Our team work with you to create a picture of your current financial circumstances, how these are likely to be impacted and make a plan to positively move forward towards the future. Whether that be providing information to your legal team about your lack of financial support, so they can seek financial assistance from your spouse, or assisting you in the process of finding alternative accommodation.

We don’t just look at your finances, we take a holistic approach and make sure any plans we put in place are aligned with your aims and goals for life. Out team take the time to really get to know you and provide ongoing support throughout the process.

We often work closely with other professional services and should you need to access legal advice or counselling, we can help you find the right support for your circumstances.

Contact us to find out more, your enquiry will be dealt with confidentially and we offer a 30 minute appointment to discuss you concerns and how we may be able to help.