Mike Robertson Associates Ltd, Lifestyle Financial Planners Battle East Sussex

What is Lifestyle Financial Planning?

At Mike Robertson Associates, we believe that the first stage in the Lifestyle Financial Planning process is really finding out about you.

lifestyle financial planning for the future. What do you want from your life?

Really getting to know your hopes and dreams, your goals, your aspirations, your fears and concerns.

Our aim is to find out what you are trying to achieve.

Unlike traditionally financial advisors, Lifestyle Financial Planning focuses on you the client and not just your money.

This revolves primarily around one thing: LIFESTYLE!

In other words EXACTLY what sort of lifestyle do you have now, and what do you want in the future? A good lifestyle financial plan should then be able to identify shortfalls and complications by pulling all this information together and making sense of it.

financial questions, piecing your life together. What do you want from your life?

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